The Blue Gallery BallRoom A Luxury Event Experience

Step into the shoes of Limerick’s 19th century Georgian elite.
The rooms of this space were originally called the ‘noble floor’ in the Italian tradition. These rooms were the tallest in the house at 16ft, to signify their importance and social significance.

This is also why the windows are so tall and end low to the floor with large shuttercases, providing an amazing view out onto the park and ample light entering the room. 

All of the photos in this blog post were taken during an exhibition of the Limerick clothing factory’s history.

This expansive and illuminated effect is enhanced by the large adjacent mirror framed in an elegant gold design, for an instant impression of elegant living. The original purpose of the front drawing room was for receptions with friends & important guests. The family’s most prized possessions were also kept in these rooms; silverware, paintings, furnishings & fittings. 

Apart from the incredible view and light in the room, what first strikes one entering this room is no doubt the large chandeliers with their original ceiling roses. The ceiling rose is made in a design of acanthus leaves and ornate ‘Fleur de Lys’, a combination of classical & mediaeval motifs.

The wallpaper of this floor is modelled on the ceiling rose in the hall, drawn by an LSAD graduate Celine Cahill.
The light blue colour is wonderfully calming, not far off from the colour of the clearly visible sky outside! This renders the whole space with an expansive feeling for visitors.

Similarly to its past, the ‘noble floor’ is still conveniently removed from the busy quays and commerce of the city centre today.

After losing yourself in the marvellous view and initial impact of the front space, the interconnecting double doors to the left will beckon you as they once did for large receptions and soirées in the early 19th century. Guests performed on the piano and sang fashionable ballads of the time.

What can you imagine happening here today?

So far the space has been used for exhibitions, weddings, talks, workshops and even operas! The space accommodates up to 85 people seated. The museum’s exceptionally comfortable and stylish seats match the same theme and luxury quality of the space.

To make your own use of the space you can email to enquire with our curator William at or ring the museum to speak with our friendly staff by phone during our opening hours at 083 399 4186

Here are some more views of the Blue Gallery Room to entice you to come have a visit in person. We look forward to welcoming you!

Author – Mike O’Brien

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